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The Sloppy Chair

Posted on December 01, 2013 by M+D | 0 comments
I remember so vividly getting the chair with Dave and having very high hopes for it. We got a great deal on it and although it was only imitation danish modern and needed work to boot, I at the time was up for the challenge. Then we got pregnant and this chair with its new cushions just waiting to be upholstered just sat in the corner lonesome and forgotten. Then a couple of months ago I found a huge roll of beautiful vintage velvet fabric in a foxy tangerine orange and I thought - perfecto for my unfinished chair.
I made the mistake of thinking I knew how to perfectly reupholster these cushions during very brief baby naps and well my unfinished chair has since become the sloppy chair. I feel like I have been on a mad dash to get our new home situated and settled and I forgot that all of the pieces don't fit together at the exact same time. You have to search, deliberate, plan out and take baby steps with every new home design decision. Soon enough I will make the slower amount of time to redo my sloppy cushions or have them done by someone more able to take on another project and in the meantime I vow to not sprint through my next tackling -- art on the wall! Maybe just a jog will do.
Hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving! I sat in my sloppy chair most of the day and enjoyed every minute :-)

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