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Closets by ONH : Vintage Clothing Launch!

Posted on March 05, 2014 by M+D | 0 comments

As many of you know already, we were a part of the Manhattan Vintage Textile Show back in January and we brought our never before seen vintage clothing collection on down to the city with our baby in tow and all and we had a blast getting to meet new people + introduce them to ONH! We got so much positive feedback about our hand-picked clothing collection that it became more of a passion for us after the show was over. I (Melissa) have always been interested in fashion, especially of decades past, and it just completely clicked. It is my philosophy after all that every home needs some vintage from the floors to the closets. Buying and supporting vintage is a green practice of reusing in and of itself (eco-friendly all the way please) and let's face it, things were just made better and looked better back then! 


For now we are keeping our clothing chapter on Etsy and will be adding lots of clothing items in the coming few weeks so be on the look out! -- Here is the clothing shop link: Vintage Closets by ONH -- & if you have a hankering for any clothing piece in particular, get in touch because chances are we have it but it is not up yet! 



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