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Antique Trunks and Chests

Posted on April 27, 2014 by M+D | 0 comments

Something about an antique wooden trunk gets me every time.  So much mystique surrounding the history.  Classic imagery of a forgotten antique wooden chest just perched in the attic of an old home brought overseas from generations past.  Gets me every time.  As does the pirate's lair with a chest bursting with jewels, gems and gold - what fantastic imagery.  Or, a stagecoach like in the old Western films carrying valuables and solid ingot to the next big town.  Lookout for the robbers!  Any which way, there is no denying the allure of something with such quality and clear purpose - to hold something in safety.  Whether the blacksmithed iron wrapping around top, sides and bottom, or the single wide-plank wood walls, the brass details, the dovetailed joints, the awesome customization and personalization of inscribed names, dates or destinations, these are amazing relics.

Where did these chests and trunks come from - who owned them? How old are they? What is the story? What did they hold? In some cases there is evidence - on many of the antique trunks we have there are signs of previous owners - a beautifully scripted name and date for example flanks the inside of this super old antique wooden trunk:


Others like this classic antique wooden chest with iron have little to no information to trace anything:

Even a wardrobe trunk can have information so pertinent and detailed it almost brings you to that date, like the short-but-sweet hand written content check-list on the inside of this Indestructo Trunk.


Some trunks have a clear purpose - or at least modifications for an intended purpose.  This old chest has a converted inside lined with Cedar - great for antique linens and wool.

While others just leave you wondering - Rascal must have been one serious Rascal... I of IV!

Whether you love the graphics, relate to the travel and journey, adore the patina and hefty qualities, the idea of feeling safe and secure, we look forward to seeing what amazing antique trunks and chests you select from our shop! 





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Ah Ha!

Posted on September 26, 2013 by M+D | 0 comments

Before Old New House, I think one of the biggest "ah-ha moments" for us in home decorating was over a vase. 

Melissa was convinced it was too unique to pass up.  I felt it was too good a quality to leave behind.  Someone/student had clearly gone to great lengths to construct this work.

In making our decision, there we stood, staring at this tremendous green vase.  It was a gigantic mass of clay and paint that was precariously balanced on a thin-tin shelf.  For a moment, we both forgot why we were in Connecticut: to pick up trinkets for our wedding.  But time just stopped as we stood in awe of this fat-bellied thing.

We were simply drawn to this piece.  There was something about it we just loved.  It was... unsightly.  Hideous AND beautiful at the same time.  In a way, we felt bad for it.  Maybe didn't know quite what to make of it.

The ah ha! moment was to only buy items we truly connected with.  And we hope you find those items in our shop, since we go to great length to source the best of the best.

Here is the behemoth that still leaves us scratching our heads:


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