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Antique Bottle Beeswax Candle Collection Small Poison

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This particular one is a mini circa 1900 antique poison bottle that is so cute and bad-ass rolled into one. The ribs on the front and sides of this bottle served as a warning for anyone who may have mistakenly grabbed it in a dark cabinet. Having an oblong shape, this little bottle burns in the most interesting way - leaving behind the tall, ribbed shoulders and hollowing out through the center in a fishbone pattern. Being an odd shaped bottle - it's best to burn this one for no more than one hour at a time and keep the wick short - 1/4 inch - to prevent too much dripping.

Measures 2 3/8" W 4 5/8" T

ANTIQUE BOTTLE BEESWAX CANDLE COLLECTION by Pollen Arts: Awesome 100% natural beeswax handmade candle that features the design of an antique/vintage glass bottle. Beeswax burns longer, brighter, and cleaner than any other wax on the planet, actually ionizing the atmosphere and pulling dust and allergens from your sweet home air as it burns.


Item ID: 1851

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