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Green Rug Pad

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Imagine your ideal rug pad. What would it be? It keeps your rug in place, it is affordable, it is thin with a little cushion, it comes with a 10 year warranty, it is a GREEN solution, and healthier, eco-friendly, natural option.

That's what we offer! For every rug pad we sell, a tree is planted. This is the green rug pad.

Made with natural jute fiber and natural rubber. That's it. No fire retardants, no unnecessary or unexpected chemicals.

Unlike other products this is not a petroleum based pad. It is safer for you, safer for your family and safer for the environment. Ideal for use under any fine hand knotted rug over hardwood floors / wood, marble, tile, laminate: serving with excellent traction across most hard surfaces. Thinner profile allows for tight door clearances while also permitting your carpet to breathe with ventilated mesh construction. Mold, mildew and insect resistant with traction guarantee for ten years from purchase.

Tip for ordering - order the rug pad size larger than your rug if any one dimension is not met: e.g. For a 4' x 7' rug, you should order a 5' x 8' pad as opposed to the 4' x 6'. Pad can be cut in-home with standard heavy duty scissors. Remaining pieces are useful and handy to have around the house - use to assist in opening tight jars, keep your furniture in place, etc. Enjoy your eco friendly rug pad!

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