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Our Return Policy

** Announcement for all orders placed on and/or after 5/22/2020 

We want you to be thrilled about your purchase! If you wish to initiate a return for purchases made on oldnewhouse.com, you may do so by notifying us within 3 days of receiving your package (rugs not marked as "Clearance") for qualified products and ship destinations.*

Simply e-mail md@oldnewhouse.com for a UPS return label stating the package measurements and await our prompt reply. Be on the lookout for an e-mail, possibly from UPS, and follow the instructions, making sure to secure the label to your package. You can drop off at a UPS facility or with your regular UPS driver. Once we receive the rug(s) or item(s) back in original, as sent out condition, your applicable refund will be processed within two business days, with to and from shipping deducted along with a 3% merchant fee that is unrecoverable to us upon refund.

We encourage buyers to reach out in advance for estimates in the event of return. We provide incentives for exchanges, whereas deductions for shipping and merchant fees can be rolled over as credit to your subsequent purchase, provided the item qualifies and the decision may be made swiftly. With this, we are always happy to reserve alternative options under consideration, while the initial purchase is in transit. 

We are always happy to help ease your decision making and receiving processes thru offering two courtesy services: Reserving items to prevent pre-sale, or deferred dispatch to ensure safe and timely receipt of items.

We are able to accommodate for customers a free courtesy service of a short term reserve window. This may apply on all our one-of-a-kind items for up to seven calendar days, and an optional three day renewal, all subject to ONH management discretion.

Optional extended / added services are available: Reserve requests exceeding the prior courtesy reserve days fall into our Extended Reserve request service(s). Extended Reserves are subject to a small deposit for each line item being held. Costing schedule for Extended Reserves are 10% of the net cost for each item requested, not to exceed $150 per item, which is layered with the terms of sale and return for net amount retained relating to shipping costs and cc transaction fees in the event item(s) are not kept. The Extended Reserve deposit may be carried through by Old New House in one of two ways, depending on how many items are involved and the value of the order. 1. An ONH checkout link / invoice to be paid in full for the non-refundable deposit(s), with an addendum invoice issued by ONH bearing the cost of the item(s) and a line item credit for the deposit order. In the instance of the item(s) being kept, the balance in full is accounted for. Were any items to be returned, the second invoice would be subject to partial refund less applicable cc or shipping fees were the reserve items to have been carried out as a shipped transaction. 2. ONH may request the Extended Reserve deposit be assumed as a portion of a checkout link to be processed at the point of our issuing. In such instances, and in the event of return or cancellation, a refund will be issued less the following: deposit fee, cc fees, and any incurred ship costs. Reserve deposits for ten or more days are not to exceed a total of twenty-one days. Were no sale to transpire on or after those twenty-one days, deposits are forfeited by the requestor and no credits will be made with the exception of a instance 2. above which refunds will be calculated accordingly.

Deferred shipping follows the same calendar day parameters and costing schedule as Extended Reserves above. After twenty-five days, ONH reserves the right to charge storage fees at the rate of $0.30 per square foot (for rugs) per week thereafter, and/or ONH maintains the right to cancel the order in full and retain the order amount costing schedule up to, but not to exceed $150 which may further layer with associated CC processor fees defined as any receipt of payment even in the event the item has not left our door.



If you wish to ship the item(s) yourself without utilizing a return label provided from our shipper's account, please advise us by the third day after receiving your package so that we may issue an RMA number prior to shipment. In this case, you are responsible to have your own tracking number provided to us no later than 72 hours post delivery receipt, with exceptions for holidays and weekends. Whichever way you decide to ship, all items must be in the mail by the third business day.

Item(s) must be returned in original condition with original wrapping maintained for re-wrap, ensuring that the package is well secured with no exposed contents. We package all items in ample materials for this purpose, all of which is recyclable. Should the original wrapping be damaged, kindly notify us at point of receipt. If there is possibility of concealed damage, prior to opening, kindly photograph the package upon receiving it. If original material is not suitable for re-wrap, the buyer is responsible for wrapping and letting us know the new dimensions. In the event that the package shipped to us has larger dimensions than what was expected, the package with be audited for true negotiated charges, which the customer will be responsible for. 

Shipping is a projected cost including handling and full insurance which may be invoiced below current rates and processed in the second stage of checkout. Adjustments are not made to shipping fees for bulk orders unless we are first contacted for the most competitive rates. Due to the nature of international shipments, all sales outside of the contiguous USA are all sales final and free shipping may be limited in insurance amount, delivery method, and in some cases to the nearest metropolitan area. Kindly contact prior to purchase for any and all questions.

Kindly note: return labels offered by ONH are provided as a courtesy only. It is the buyers/consignee's responsibility to have the item in the mail within two calendar days of a cleared RMA and electronic issued return label. Such two day grace period is only in the event Old New House has rendered the label with notice within the acceptable return window, with the assumption the item(s) will otherwise will be fully insured and securely packaged to ride on the customer's account on the final day.

Sunday and holidays shared by UPS, FedEx, and USPS are the only exception to extended return. As an example, if you were to receive your item that is eligible for return on a Thursday afternoon, you would, in theory, need to notify us by Sunday, and with this notice we would then permit return on Monday, as there is no shipping ability on a Sunday. We would still need to be notified within the return window, and the item would need to be put back in the mail within one business day once an RMA number is received. Items that are found to be dropped off outside of the return window will be rejected or store credit may be issued, especially if we have not received written e-mail communication in advance.

At times we include padding with select orders. In the instance of return, any pads corresponding to returned rugs must also be included in unused, uncut condition.

*All sales are final on: All items outside the contiguous United States, wholesale purchases, paper ephemera, artwork, items made from wood, custom items, oversized products such as furniture, items with negotiated prices lower than lowest advertised pricing, items marked as Clearance, items with All Sales Final noted in the description, international shipments, items paid by lay-away or payment schedules over time, pad that is not purchased with a rug, or pad that is custom sized. Observe item descriptions for exception notes in the item description field such as "Clearance" and "All Sales Final". Terms of sale for items may vary between websites. We honor policies only from the venue or platform on which the transaction is posted. If financing your purchase through a third party financing company, our return policy endures as stated. Contact us with any questions on whether or not an item is returnable. ONH reserves the right to deny refund or credit requests for all items outside the terms herein. Any unlikely exception is the mangers discretion, with up to a 15% restocking fee or $50 flat fee, whichever is greater, in addition to all itemized costs including shipping and 3% merchant fee which is non-refundable and associated with the return of an item meeting non-returnable criteria. ONH is not responsible for assumptions buyers may make about our return policy.

Refunds are issued the business Tuesday following the inspection of the returned item(s) if a UPS label is issued to you. Depending upon your funding source and based upon the way in which banks communicate, a credit may take an additional 3-5 business days to post to your account.


If you are a designer, architect, and/or wholesale account, see our terms of sale for registered to-the-trade buyers.

** Shop notice for all orders qualified for return processing: Our payment processor retains a 3% fee when an item is returned to us, which will be deducted from your refund along with ship costs. Kindly contact us in advance for any questions or a reserve to credit incentive when more than half the value of your order is kept. 


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