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Katonah NY Rug and Home Decor Shop

We would be thrilled for you to visit the Old New House® brick and mortar location in idyllic village of Katonah, New York, conveniently located directly in front of our barn photo studio and across the street from the Metro North train station ( a 50 minute train ride from Grand Central), along the main avenue of the charming town. If you'd like to see specific rugs from our website (as in see them in person before purchasing), get in touch beforehand so we can have them pulled and ready for viewing!

FLAGSHIP RETAIL STORE - Our showroom is available to visit and view rugs in by appointment which works the best for most of our customers. We are flexible in timing we can offer and there’s never any pressure. Bring your kids, bring your designer(s), or just bring yourself! Our perfected system is for you to first browse our website for rugs you’d like to see - all available ones are listed there! Then you can send us links or screenshots of ones you’d like to see with the best day and time for you to stop by to see them. We consider ourselves a neurodivergent supportive retail store and are proud to be the first sponsor of Neurodiversity Training in our Town of Bedford. With this said, we can accommodate most requests - lower lighting, no or softer music, extra seating, sensory toys, and more. Let us know in advance if you have any requests and we look forward to working with you!

Westcheter NY Rug Shop

Handmade and Vintage Home Goods


"THE BARN" - Our Photo Studio (Cleaning, Restoration, to-the-trade and Wholesale sales)

Katonah NY Rug Photo Studio


Old New House Flagship Store Vintage Rugs and Antique Carpets Katonah Rug and Carpet Studio Barn
Katonah NY Flagship Store Vintage Rugs Antique Carpets Handmade Items and Homegoods Barn Photography Studio in Katonah NY
Vintage Textiles, Rug Pillows, Tea Towels, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Carpets in our Katonah NY Store Vintage Luggage, mirrors, globes, and more along with vintage rugs and antique carpets are stored in our studio barn in New York


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