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Kids Rugs

A collection of our cutest vintage and antique rugs that are perfect for your little one's space to call their own as well as featured new organic cotton rag rugs, perfect as a natural playmat for your babe. Whether it is a nursery, a toddler's new room, or a grown child's oasis that you are decorating, these are some of the sweetest (and coolest for kids) rugs of the ONH collection. Especially when it comes to babies, wool and cotton are the safest and most natural fibers to touch their tiny little toes -- we highly recommend having a little or large rug (depending on the room) with our eco friendly pad underneath to keep it stable, for them to hang on when they are learning to explore -- colors and shapes of the rugs are even more of a bonus for their eyes to absorb. Looking to broaden your search? Try our new size range search tool for rugs & carpets!
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