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Being Green

Green FriendlyWe are an environmentally mindful company considering future generations. We care about our customers, and care about the world too.  We feel that every little thing we do can make a difference.  That's why we live by green practices and work by them too.

  • Every step of our business we schedule efficiently: errands and drop-offs are consolidated and performed in fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Each package shipped is carefully wrapped using minimal new materials.
  • We make efforts to support green friendly and local companies.
  • We do our best to mitigate our carbon footprint by actively participating in carbon neutral programs.
  • New products or items offered on the website are often reclaimed, reused, sustainably harvested, or have a eco-friendly resonance in tune with our eco-friendly business path.

While these aspects are part of our business process, it is also part of our commitment overall to reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily lives.

New addition to complement your antique and vintage rug selection: green, eco-friendly rug pad. All natural rubber and jute underlining for your carpet. Every pad we sell also represents a newly planted tree!


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