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Stain Removal

Stain removal for wool antique rugs and vintage hand knotted carpets:

Spot stains and soiling should generally be treated quickly, although serious stains should be left to professionals and assessed on a one-on-one basis. It is important to know prior to treating any stain or soiled areas it is best to use the least invasive detergent and also know the first application of chemical agent or treatment will likely inhibit further future treatments. Proceed at your own risk, and always feel free to contact us for helpful tips.

Generally the following guidelines will help in addressing stains with immediate detriment.

1. Scoop or blot up excess staining or soiling material.

2. Always work toward the center of a stain to avoid spreading.

3. Try to work with the direction of the pile to avoid pushing the soiling deeper into the carpet.

4. During the cleaning process, blot instead of wiping after excess has been removed.


Helpful tools include plenty of clean towels, a dull knife or spoon to help remove excess moisture.

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