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Westchester New York Cleaning, Repair and Restoration

Old New House® offers professional cleaning, repair, and expert restoration services. Whether preventative, conservational or full out restorative weaving, we care for handmade rugs & carpets you already own and have grown attached to! 

Select from any of our convenient services of pick-up, drop-off by appointment, or even our emailing of a pre-paid and insured package label for direct shipping straight to us: We make the process easy as possible for your schedule. With our in-person, in-hand inspection we’re readily available by phone or e-mail to discuss our recommendations for the special treatment we perform and provide accurate and firm quotes prior to performing any of our professional services. 


We always consider your needs pared with the carpet at hand for proper treatment. Whether, silk, art silk, wool-on-wool and qork wool rugs, we take great care and attention to individual rugs and best projected results on an item-by-item basis.

For the least invasive cleaning (perfect for worn, distressed, or fragile rug) we offer light face washing by hand. This process includes a thorough professional dusting which releases deeply embedded grit. The carpet is then washed on the face by hand, gently restoring the luster of wool and original brilliance of colors.

 For more encompassing care, including plant washing and special attention to stains, we offer deep shampooing and luster finishing. This process encompasses dusting, immersive washing, and finishing to polish wool to original brilliance while softening for a more gentle, supple feel at your step.

Every rug in our hands we treat as our own. We take great care and consideration to apply the proper washes and washing techniques to keep your rug looking great for longer!

Note to collectors – we consider and apply the least invasive techniques to properly care and conserve your high grade rugs and carpets from 19th century and older. All rugs are screened and treated with the most mild of detergents. Optical brighteners and strong detergents that may affect the spirit of your rug will never be applied.

We love rugs, and treat every carpet as though it were our own. We take great care and pride in working with yours! To begin the process, contact us with a set of photographs, we are happy to have a preliminary look and let you know how we can care for your carpet going forward. 


From overcasting ends, reweaving selvage to patching sections of your carpet, we have many repair options available to you and you. We will walk you through every step of the process: Repairs are always performed in a reversible manner in the event cost-effective needs must first be met, while also permitting viable future restoration and reweaving as needed.


As with any piece of fine art, some handmade rugs can truly benefit from restoration that brings them back or close as possible to the original look. "In the spirit of the original" is how we approach all restoration projects, and we offer everything from re-weaving sections of a rug to finishing entire ends and sides. 

List of Services - zangere, cashmering, overcasting, selvages, chainstitch, applied salvage, repiling, reweaving, Sarouk painting, color stripping, end reduction, plain weaving, flawless seaming, patchworking, color matching, use of antique wool, airbrushing, softening, luster wash, lime wash, tea wash, golden washing, moth deterrent, color migration reduction, preventative color run treatment, and spill proofing.

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