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Central Park Lithograph

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:: Beautiful and large 14"x17.5" vintage lithograph poster from a NYC art show in the 70's. Print is labeled simply "Central Park" by the artist Powell, and depicts a scene in Central Park right near The famous Bethesda Fountain. Absolutely wonderful piece of art in color and details. This print seems to be rare as I have been unable to find another just like it. In very good condition, no creases markings or rips, although may be some of the original lines in the upper right corner of the lithograph that were used when cutting the prints. Corners may be ever so slightly bent from handling. Bottom left text reads: "AS-301 Art Show 1127 B'way (at 25st) NYC" and the bottom right text reads: "(212) YU 9-3530 Litho in USA".

Item ID: 01163

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