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Professional Cleaning Services

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Special Notice From Shop Owners

Spot and stain removal for your hand knotted rug: Our standard rug cleaning includes all the frills to bathe your wool rug in all the proper indulgent processes it deserves! Simply select the nearest size for your carpet.

This is not your average cleaning process! Even for standard, newer commercial grade hand made carpets, professional cleaning is a must. By checking out with the above services, enjoy the peace-of-mind and especially the results in having Old New House service your carpet start to finish.

Our pricing includes drop-off at our location for standard hand made area rugs. We put your carpet through the full process: On-site professional dusting, pre-wash soak and stain treatment, shampooing with green detergent and submerged washing enzyme treatment, luster polish and full drying service for end pickup in Westchester NY. We wash the way your rug should be washed. For antique rugs and shipping options, kindly email us for special recommendations and suggestions prior to checking out.



With any handmade item, especially those with age, use and history, there invariably are results which may arise and perhaps may be unanticipated post-washing including but not limited to: minor color migration, thinning of pile, exposure of true wear to the carpet, possible "removal" of markered or touched up areas of the rug (thereby exhibiting foundation/white knots or slightly different aesthetic), etc. We make all efforts to mitigate any undesirable outcomes when cleaning carpets, but as unforeseen issues mentioned above can arise, by checking out with this service, you agree to hold harmless Old New House LLC.


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