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Virtual Rugs

Spring 2020 we launched our Virtual Rugs feature, which enables you to capture and visualize most any rug in our inventory within your home. A true, augmented reality experience! Some items are currently in queue for us to create 3d models. If you do not see your rug of interest having a 3d icon, contact us for it to be fast-tracked!

To enable the Virtual Rugs feature, you must have

  • An iPhone or supported iPad running recent iSOx.
  • A strong internet connection.
  • Well-lit environment.

To prompt our Virtual Rug feature, find a rug of interest in our product pages or collection, then select the product to visit the product listing.

Once on the product listing, in the upper right corner of the main image, there will be a faint button / icon. This is the Virtual Rugs button!

Press the cube button, which will enable your iPhone camera to view your room. While your phone camera is running, a loading spinner may continue for several seconds to process rendering of the rug. Once you see a faint outline of the rug, the Virtual Rugs application may instruct for additional motion to understand bearings and planes within your space.

Optimal environments to see the best results include large open space, and double tapping the carpet once loaded to achieve close to 100% scale.

In some instances, a properly placed rug may bear proportions or measurements off by a small size margin of perhaps 5-10%. This may be true for length, or width. Shadows may exceed the size of the rug if the shape of the rug itself not 100% uniform to a rectangle. Fringes may be excluded from the model based on challenges to accurately emulate, and therefore the best and most proper representation of the carpet should be based on photos in the product listing, as well as our written description of condition.

If you believe there is an issue with the 3d viewer, let us know!

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