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1930s Morris Henry Hobbs Nude Woman

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:: An authentic vintage 1930's Morris Henry Hobbs etching of a beautiful nude woman titled Siesta. Hobbs is very well known for his art and focus on nude women. He traveled throughout Europe several times, specifically England, Belgium and France. The beautiful subject of this work is likely from one of those areas. Reclined with her arm draped over her head, and a flower dangling from her hand, this truly is a silently stunning portrait. Most unusual is the size of this artwork, making you stand closer to see the portrait in full detail. Condition: Near excellent. Comes with the vintage mat it is photographed in. You will likely want to replace the mat due to some oxidation, but the art piece itself is in excellent condition. Full size measures 7.5" x 10" and cropped, the dimensions would be 4" x 5.75".

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