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Katonah Shop Rearrange

Posted on March 23, 2019 by M+D | 0 comments

Shop rearrange days are my favorite! Moving this heavy duty original vintage 1960s phone booth was quite a feat and I love that people can come enjoy it in the shop now!

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The Mini ONH Photo Studio

Posted on December 15, 2018 by M+D | 0 comments

We recently acquired what technically is a third location for us. It is tiny and our other two locations serve very specific purposes (and at many times multi-purposes like our flagship store that is also our office and where we do most of the behind the scenes web work - this will likely change soon too though). So this third location, while not a huge storefront in Brooklyn, it is still a huge milestone for us! I call it the little shed that could, but it is really the mini ONH photo studio, designed specifically to do what our full size barn studio does on a smaller scale - to store many of our rugs but also have the ability to photograph them within it.

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