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Katonah Shop Rearrange

Posted on March 23, 2019 by M+D | 0 comments

When we opened our flagship store in September of 2016, we set our vintage 1960s phone booth in a location we thought made perfect sense as we had purchased it to be sort of our little shipping stowaway. Jump to two and half years and a list of 40+ people who would like to buy the booth, we decided to make it more accessible to people at the very least. Like not blocked off by our counter - you can go in and better yet - you can make a call! Ha. I know, who needs access to a phone today with all of the options out there, but for nostalgia purposes, totally worth it to have a working replica phone in there. Major bonus was having our own little ones be the first ones to explore it and our youngest one LOVES it. He calls his grandmother every Saturday now from the phone booth and I sure do get a kick out of that.

Switching things up in the shop is a once every couple of months process but the painting of this wall in a chalkboard gray (country gray by Benjamin Moore) and moving the phone booth had the biggest impact in our little shop to date, in my humble opinion. Next up, we will be flipping our little "living room" scene with our rug wall so that we can make the living space smaller and hence, have more space for showing bigger rugs. Hoping everyone's Spring is kicking off beautifully and come and visit us (and our phone booth) in our Katonah shop sometime soon!


Melissa + Dave

More of our shop after moving things around:


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