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Care and Maintenance for Antique and Distressed Rugs

Care and Maintenance for Antique and Distressed Rugs

Short Term care:

Light suction vacuum with an aerated bristle extension on an as-needed basis. This will reduce strong suction while also extract any problematic debris from the surface of the rug or carpet. Roller brush vacuuming in less or infrequent intervals. As with all carpets, especially those small and thin in character, avoid using a roller brush vacuum along edges, corners, and never on fringe.

Long Term Care:

For moderate to heavy traffic areas, repositioning/turning the carpet 180 degrees every 12 months will help distribute potential wear and/or isolated Ultraviolet light exposure. This is especially helpful to perform when carpets are partially under furniture or in close proximity to windows/skylights.

Any stray material strands or loose ends should be brought to the attention of a professional. Often pulls are best clipped at the originating source to prevent snaring. Most stray material will be inconsequential and infrequent, although it’s best for a professional see and consider before a potential issue compounds. Often, small professional mends or darning are all a rug may need after many years or more of active use. This is rather affordable preventative maintenance from larger aesthetic and condition issues that can arise from a carpet that is neglected over time. 

Depending on how much traffic your carpet is subject to, we recommend professional hand-cleaned every 2-5 years. Generally the cost of this is inexpensive. The process entails slight dusting on a smooth surface (vacuuming from the back of the carpet to vibrate out dirt or grit with a roller brush) and hand washing with cold to lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Hand knotted rugs are extremely durable, even those exhibiting distressed aesthetic. Under average conditions, your carpet may need few, if any, repairs over many years. To add to the longevity of your carpet, pad is highly recommended. Some carpets may be sensitive to the hard pressure of high heel shoes or the traction of tennis shoe type rubber soles. Contact us if you have concerns.

Spot treatment for stains – contact us for details and emergency tips before using any spot cleaning agents / and we do offer repair and cleaning services to our customers -- e-mail us for more information: md@oldnewhouse.com

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