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Antique Bottle Beeswax Candle Collection Soda Pop

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Besides the text circling the bottom of this vintage circa 1950s soda pop bottle, this piece speaks volumes through its iconic features. With rims and ridges, crosshatching and curves, this soda bottle has classic style. Watching the texture and features melt and transform as the flame works through its shape is a pleasure not to be missed!

Measures 8 1/4" Tall x 2 1/8" Wide.

ANTIQUE BOTTLE BEESWAX CANDLE COLLECTION by Pollen Arts: Awesome 100% natural beeswax handmade candle that features the design of an antique/vintage glass bottle. Beeswax burns longer, brighter, and cleaner than any other wax on the planet, actually ionizing the atmosphere and pulling dust and allergens from your sweet home air as it burns.

Item ID: 1846

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