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Antique Bottle Beeswax Candle Rose Lime Juice Small

In Stock, One of a kind, no others available
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:: Cutest, sweetest, mini lime juice bottle candle from beeswax with dainty leaves, citrus blossom and scattered limes, molded from an early 1900s bottle. This bottle used to contain Lime Juice which sailors were rationed out daily by law to prevent scurvy. We like to imagine that there’s thousands of these beautiful bottles at the bottom of the sea …

Size Sm - 4 T x 1 1/8 W

ANTIQUE BOTTLE BEESWAX CANDLE COLLECTION by Pollen Arts: Awesome 100% natural beeswax handmade candle that features the design of an antique/vintage glass bottle. Beeswax burns longer, brighter, and cleaner than any other wax on the planet, actually ionizing the atmosphere and pulling dust and allergens from your sweet home air as it burns.

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