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Large Mushrooms Fungi Plate 0 - Old New House Sold

Large Mushrooms Fungi Plate 0

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:: Authentic antique color fungi lithograph dating to the late 1800's just before the turn of the century. Excellent earthy colors of brown, yellow, grey with detailed illustration of mushroom cross sections and groupings including: 1. Chestnut Inocybe (Inocybe Castanea) 2. Excoriated Inocybe (Incoybe Excoriata) 3. Two Colored Tricholoma (Tricholoma Subluteum) 4. Scaly Disked Inocybe (Inocybe Squamosodisca) 5. Fallacious Inocybe (Inocybe Fallax) 6. Burt's Stereum (Stereum Burtianum). This item will be shipped folded in half along it's original crease. Condition: Slightly fragile, particularly across fold which runs horizontal through the center of the piece. Minor tears, some signs of handling. Golden tint even around edges. Full size measures 9" x 10.875" and cropped, the dimensions would be slightly smaller.

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