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Finishing and Securing of Carpets

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Special Notice From Shop Owners

Before purchasing this option, kindly check with us for exact estimates. Quantity is equal to 1 linear foot unit. To overcast both ends of a 6' x 9' rug would be a total of 12 linear feet, and a quantity of 12. Cost at current rate is $20 per ft or an order total @ $240 for 12.

Although a matter of personal preference, we always recommend our customers add this option of reinforcing both sides and ends as needed.

Overcasting: We do all the work by hand using industrial polished cotton thread with traditional blanket stitch technique. Our process entails removing as little material as possible, and to follow the contours of the rug. This is the most conservative method of securing a hand knotted rug, and while extremely durable, is also completely reversible should full restoration be an option years down the road.

Chainstitch: A locking crochet style appearance which encloses end fringes with a sinuous weave.

Binding / Selvage: Either applying fresh, new selvage to replace old, or adding an applied selvage with tight stitching as an extension to the rug or carpet.

Interior Seaming: Bringing one or more fragmented rugs together, such as two runners being sewn together to make one, longer runner.

Depending on the rug, overcasting may or may not be visible. Securing rugs with the methods we apply will greatly decrease snares, tatter and loss ensuring greater overall longevity. Colors based on in-house evaluation.


As this is a hand-done service, there can be unforeseen outcomes or issues, We make all efforts to mitigate any undesirable outcomes when repairing carpets, but as unforeseen issues can arise, by checking out with this service, you agree to hold harmless Old New House LLC.

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