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05/09 Saturday in Review: Behind the Scenes

Posted on May 11, 2019 by M+D | 0 comments

This week was insane! We celebrated 9 years of marriage (!!!), made progress with some new rug ottomans that will be complete and on the site soon, spent quality time with the boys at The Katonah Museum of Art's Family Day, and relating to our bedroom update, received in so many goodies! This bedroom update is overall my birthday gift and our anniversary gift to ourselves and I am not sure it gets any better as we get to enjoy this for a long time to come! What additions did we receive in? West Elm dresser that fits perfectly in the awkward corner of the room and will allow us more organization opportunities as it is a fairly small room with little in way of storage. Very eager to get to the Kon Marie stage of this space with all of the clothes and shoes no one is getting joy from these days! Also received in my fave fave new thing about the room - the Rejuvenation Cylinder desk lamps for the end tables that you will definitely see in some of the pictures below! Truth? I have never spent so much on lamps but with the high/low concept deployed, I found that the lamps were mega important to me to be great quality and to really look top notch, which let's face it, if you don't have a much higher budget for lighting, these fit that bill.

The showstopper also arrived - my very first piece of Lauren Williams art - the fiber art of my dreams! I am dying to paint these walls dark and get this gorgeous addition hanging so I can truly take it all in. It is amazing! The little bits of light pink and dusty sage green - gah, it is beyond better in person you guys! I am obsessed.

So how does this Saturday Week in Review work? I keep it short and sweet and post a bunch of my unedited phone pictures (with the occasional profesh picture sneaking in) so you can see a true behind the scenes over here - things I maybe took for myself or maybe took for Instagram but never posted or maybe I posted them in my stories and that was it for one day. If you ever have any questions on photos like you don't know what is going on and want to, just let me know!


'Till next week!






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