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Behind the Scenes: Photos From the Week

Posted on March 30, 2019 by M+D | 0 comments

I take a lot of pictures every day. Like a lot a lot. Between using my Canon SLR camera to photograph all of our merchandise for the website and using my iPhone to remember something or of family or of pretty things around the shop, there are just so many photos to my name in any given week. I've realized that especially when it comes with the intention of taking them for Instagram or some other social media device, there are so many images that never see the light of day! So every Saturday I am going to post a bunch of the "outtake" photos of the week with no other description or caption of what they area all about - just like a behind the scenes into me thinking something was worthy of capturing and stashing in my phone for a rainy day. Might be family, might be a bunch of rugs - here we go!


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