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04/20 Saturday in Review: Behind the Scenes

Posted on April 20, 2019 by M+D | 0 comments

So I skipped my follow up Saturday post of the week in review, through lost and mostly un-shared photos, last weekend but I have good reason! I was in mom mode all of that week with no childcare to speak of AND my littles were super sick to boot. It was a blur of a week to say the least! But! When we weren't sick and stuck inside we did manage to get out and about to look at samples and home decor for the beginning stages of this bedroom update I am working on in our own home. It was a ton of fun having the help of the little guys as they sure do have a lot of opinions! They narrowed down paint colors with me, said yay or nay to rugs, made our first trip to Home Goods a fairly seamless one (literally first time ever to this store, can you even believe? - and scroll down for that photo of the blue and white ceramic - gasp, I loved all!), and helped me select some brass pulls for a worn out modern dresser update that I cannot wait to get started on. I am lucky that my kids seem to genuinely enjoy thinking about and pursuing home projects with me - hoping to keep this going for sure as they get older. I am not going to caption these photos but that is the fun of it - you can  get a sense of all we did just by looking at the pictures!


Okay on the above I do have to write a bit because I have been wanting a Lauren Williams art piece for 3 years and I finally have one (this one) en route!  It will soak up the wall behind our bed and as I love textiles and abstract paintings, it is just so fitting and perfect. Cannot wait!



Sometimes I get nervous thinking about  customers coming in and seeing our 3.5 year old boarding up our phone booth because he is "fixing stuff" but then I realize this truly is the world of family business and I proudly love it. It is really fun and sweet being able to work alongside my husband and to have the kids visit me at work as much as they do - very lucky over here. And till next week!




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