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Somewhere Over the Rugbow: The New ONH Blog

Posted on April 17, 2018 by M+D | 0 comments

When we started our Instagram account a couple of years back, we had maybe 8 followers. "We have to start somewhere", I remember everyone telling me, and as it grew, very slowly, I was constantly saying this to myself to keep the motivation going. It is exactly the same story with starting our business in general (which was in 2011 on Etsy) -- the interest in what we were doing and what rugs we were sourcing was there but it had such a slow launch there were days where you could just FEEL the crickets as well as hear them. There were those other days when we would get one or maybe even two orders after days of nothing, and Dave and I would spring up and out to go package it/them up (this was and is always so exciting), and it made the radio silence, amidst all of our efforts, worth it. It brought such joy to source, photograph, describe, and ultimately provide someone (a stranger who would become a friend) with the exact piece they had coveted and been searching for for months. This is still the process 7 years later but on a bigger scale.

Now, we find ourselves starting somewhere new yet again, with a few different projects and objectives. It is hard to say at this point which one will be the one with the real legs, the one that we stick with even as the crickets chirp in the background. But one of them is sharing them all with you as they are happening, and that feels very exciting! We have blogged before but we are now committing to blogging more regularly so that we can really share more of ourselves and our ONH world with you!

One of the elements of this new content will be sharing our own personal home projects as they evolve week by week. If you've followed us closely, you have likely deduced that we do once and a while share these kinds of projects, but not consistently. Also, though we consider ourselves to have a strong interior design sense, we have not been able to carve out time for projects that really allow for that sense to be fully activated. So here we are ready to go at last! Time management has not always been my personal strong suit but I am getting such joy from putting on my creative design cap on over here, that it feels like a necessity to roll with it and do my best at fitting it in.

So where do we start? Well, in our own mid century home there is a TON of work to do. We have poured so much of ourselves into our business over the past seven years, that we have let our own personal sanctuary slip to the waist side. I would go as far as to say that every single room in our home is in need of some decor TLC, even when it comes to the rugs if you can believe it. So, we could start big or we could start small, and I am really into the "let's get our feet wet" type of approach at the moment so the first project up is going to be our children's shared bedroom as I have taken some efforts to source for this space but have not successfully tied together all of the elements yet. I will begin posting about getting started with this project on Thursday evening so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is a glance at what I will be posting somewhat regularly and if you have suggestions for posts or subjects you would love to hear about, please e-mail us at md@oldnewhouse.com!

-Behind the scenes during Photo Shoots and ONH work weeks

-First Pick Faves (as new rugs get posted, I will be delving more into my absolute favorites + why I am so smitten)

-Mood Boards/Design Tips/Collaborative Posts about my own home projects

-Shop Findings (our Katonah flagship store is chalk full of handmade items from Etsy Sellers, and I would love to share more about these)

-Furniture Building -- this has always been something Dave has wanted to do more of and I am personally very excited to see these projects come to light

-Projects we are working on as they are happening

-Local Interior Design Projects and Collaborations (we are so lucky to work with a ton of designers who are doing amazing things and cannot wait to share more of these!)

And because I am a visual person, here is a little look at my blogging calendar so you can get a sense of when you might like to check in on us:



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Best of Westchester 2015 Old New House and Rugstache!

Posted on July 20, 2015 by M+D | 0 comments
We were beyond excited when we found out that we had been selected as the Best of Westchester 2015 for Rugs! Old New House may be a global brand but having become proud locals of our town Katonah NY (of Westchester County), we decided to build a more local presence by occupying the renovated 1930s barn perched right behind the downtown Katonah Avenue. It has been such an amazing experience for us being able to meet our customers face to face both old and new and we are just so appreciative to have been shown the love back by being voted Best Of.
On July 22nd we will celebrate with the other winners at the Best of Westchester Party and because we want to share the fun that we have with rugs, we have invented RUGSTACHE which is simply put, moustaches with our rugs on them! Perfect for selfies and Polaroids, #rugstache will launch at the Best of Party and we simply cannot wait to have fun with our newly handmade props!
Can't make it to the Westchester Party on July 22nd but are local to the county and want to meet us? Come and visit us on Katonah Avenue on July 24th or 25th for the Katonah Sidewalk Sale! We will be there and so will our rugstaches, and we would just love to meet you!

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Why Buy Vintage Rugs?

Posted on October 23, 2014 by M+D | 0 comments

Rugs and carpets generally fit into three main age classifications: antique, semi-antique (vintage) and new. In understanding why to purchase vintage rugs, it is important to know what drives the antique rug market and new rug production.

Antique rugs are estimated to have a weaving date of 100 years or more. With antique rugs and textiles the late 19th and early 20th century is a pivotal time since this is the cusp of larger, world interest. In the eyes of a purist, the carpets made before this time are of great appeal since antique rugs are 1. Generally a bit more scarce 2. Made in a time with potential importance in regards to history or authenticity to purists. With scarcity and collector interest/demand come higher prices. Although the harmony and aesthetic of an antique rug with true age and patina may resonate well with many people, often cost may be prohibitive to the average buyer. If not cost, the importance of the rug may be too great for day-to-day use. With the latter, you may opt for placing the rug in a low traffic area, perhaps hanging or mounting it on a wall, or even consider storing for your private collection. Antique rugs and carpets of true age are not entirely common, and realized prices of excellent to exceptional carpets with unique character and excellent artistic merit continue to be well established every day.

New rug production has similar downsides to antique rugs relating to cost: Materials and labor making new rugs are quite high over years past. Replacement of new rug weaving at the consumer level is perhaps 35 – 50% more costly in the last decade alone.

Most importantly on in a trade-off consideration: If one were to qualitatively compare a very good condition 1940’s Persian Sarouk to a replica in new rug production, it is conceivable the authentic vintage Sarouk may only cost 50-70% the sale price of the new carpet that is made to look like the old.

While there may be some further considerations when purchasing a pre-owned rug, it certainly is appealing to consider a $4,000 9x12 authentic Persian Sarouk in very good condition over the cost of a $6,500 new 9x12 rug made to look like the $4,000 carpet.

It is also, however, worthwhile to note machine made rugs in similar comparison: For a well known manufacturers power loomed (machine made) carpet made of wool with similar density and aesthetic to a true American Sarouk, you may easily pay $3,000. Why not opt for the real, authentic, genuine original, hand knotted Persian rug for just a fraction more?

There is great validity and real cost-benefit of purchasing a vintage rug over an antique or new rug (or even a machine made rug for that matter). The manner in which hand knotted rugs are made today is little changed over the course of many centuries. However, the main difference now is vintage rugs are an extremely affordable option, and regardless, will continue to last for many, many years.

Finding the proper balance in utility and value: vintage rugs are a real contender in finding the optimal choice!

Looking for related reading? Take a look at our new article on what makes a rug collectible and other popular rugs.

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