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Kids Room Refresh: Back at it

Posted on June 30, 2018 by M+D | 0 comments

It has been a while and there is still a lot left to do! The rug is down and the furniture placed and the boys have been very happy with their room since the changes began which has made this project the most worthwhile. What is left? A lot of little decor things but the biggest part yet in my opinion - the walls and the windows! We polled our readers on what to do with the blinds that I loathe in the room -- and painting them white was one option that I liked but ultimately I have opted to go the route of curtains in front of the blinds so that there is a light blocking element that will help these creatures sleep! It is literally only in total darkness that our 2.5 year old will let his eyes close so yeah, kind of important. I am working on finding the perfect black out curtains because I have had a lot of strike outs in the past when we attempted this in our old apartment -- any suggestions?!

And before we commit to curtains, we have the art for the walls set aside (besides the comic poster that will of course be included) and are excited to get started with that zebra wallpaper that I selected a couple of posts back. It is by Kate Zaremba Company and is 100% removable without being vinyl which makes my semi-hippie heart very happy! Very excited to receive the wallpaper in and get started on the one wall where it will live for as long as we love it.

Here is the layout I came up with for the mini gallery wall that would go above Little M's bed, opposite the awesome 1970s comic poster. I think when I get the wallpaper up, I will be able to make a better call on how to arrange it all but I love the pieces - all hand-picked by little D, how perfect, personal and fun.

And another photo of the rug in the room -- we are just so happy with it! Having it fill most of the room makes the space feel huge!


Very excited to get this room done so the boys can have at it and so we can move onto the next projects -- the entryway and our bedroom! And in case you are wondering, yes, we love hearing your feedback so keep it coming!



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