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RUGLING 10: Limited Edition Kilim Rug Cork Board Flag

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RUGLING 10: Featuring Antique Turkish Kilim Rug Fragment Circa 1920


The first of its kind, we are proud to present our Old New House® exclusive hand-crafted rug fragment flag wall hanging (RUGLING) that doubles as a functioning cork board with the concealed high quality mounted cork within. Made completely in house by us in Katonah, New York. Comes ready to hang on wooden dowel and copper wire that can alternatively be swapped out for natural hemp twine. Hang it up as an art piece or put it to use with a daily/weekly change out of notes, photos, or reminders. Total wall space measurement including dowels is approximately 18" x 15". 


**features authentic antique Turkish kilim rug fragment circa 1915/1920 that has the most beautiful shade of green amidst its partnering harmonious shades -- often times rug fragments are disposed of because they have no use or function, so we dreamed up a way to keep these scraps of handmade beauty and charm alive in a new and exciting way. Our method involves no glue coming into contact with the rug fragment so that the process is completely reversible, meaning the rug fragment's life can go on beyond its rugling attachment. Because of lack of glue, when you remove push pins from the board, you may notice some resistance when removing from rug portion.

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