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Green Eco Friendly Rug Pad Underlining

Posted on March 13, 2014 by M+D | 0 comments

Eco Friendly Rug Pad UnderliningPads and underlinings are so important for Oriental Rugs. A fine vintage rug on a polished floor without pad can unfortunately be like the classic banana peel slip in cartoons. You need to be safe, you need to protect your rug.  But are all rug pads created equal?

We've been around the block when it comes to rug related products, especially rug pads. Many years ago underlinings were simple - often made of horse hair like a rolled out pelt. Today there's almost every product under the sun you could imagine. Thin pads, thick pads, rubber pads, felt pads, pads made from recycled plastic, non-skid, combination non-skid and pad, rug-to-rug sticky felt pad, carpet to floor, carpet to ceiling...  Not really the last one, but getting there.

We're super happy to introduce our new eco friendly and greener rug pad. It's literally made from natural rubber and jute.

That means no plastics, no petroleum based rubber. Our eco-friendly pad is suitable for most rug to floor applications: meaning low profile for clearance under doors, some cushion, great for carpet to hard surfaces such as hardwood or marble tile or vinyl, etc. It comes with a ten year guarantee to retain grip, it's affordable, it's a more green friendly solution.

What are you waiting for?  We found the perfect green eco-friendly rug pad for you and it's sitting in our shop! 


Green Rug Pad
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