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Large Edible Mushrooms Fungi Plate 84

Large Edible Mushrooms Fungi Plate 84

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:: Authentic antique color fungi lithograph dating to the late 1800's just before the turn of the century. Excellent earthy colors of brown, grey and a hint of terra cotta. Detailed illustration of mushroom cross sections and groupings including: 1. Family Collybia (Collybia Familia) 2. Round Bovista (Bovista Pila) 3. Tufted Collybia (Collybia Acervata). This item will be shipped folded in half along it's original crease. Condition: Slightly fragile, particularly across fold which runs horizontal through the center of the piece. Minor tears, some signs of handling. Golden tint even around edges. Full size measures 9" x 10.875" and cropped, the dimensions would be slightly smaller.

Item ID: 01364

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