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First Picks Faves

Posted on May 01, 2018 by M+D | 0 comments

You may already know that part of our workflow every week is photographing new batches of rugs on Monday, editing all of the photos and prepping listings to get the listings live for a semi private (more like in the know) collection on Tuesday evening, and then live everywhere on Wednesday morning/afternoon. What you may not know but may wonder about it that there are often new rugs that I photograph on Monday that I have a strong affinity for, to the point that it does become a bit difficult for me to put it out into the world as for sale because I do indeed want it for myself. There have been a handful that have even gone on to sell that I still to this day think about. I know I know, these are inanimate objects but they really are works of art — so unique and one of a kind, that in many cases would be next to impossible to replace.

Some weeks I will keep it very simple here on the blog and talk about a favorite rug of the new batch. Simple, sweet. Why it’s my fave. But this week, I have to talk about the one from last week's new batch (that incidentally I have not posted yet because I do not yet have the courage to hit publish) that is just so unbelievable, I cannot stand how much I want to own it and not sell it. This is a real battle because I do not need a rug of this size. I don’t think my kids would treat it respectfully enough either. But that shade of blue and pink! When I look at this rug I quite frankly want to redecorate an entire room around it for no reasons at all other than to bask in its beauty and have a reason for it to exist in my home.

Some of you may say, just buy it if you love it so much. And you’d be right. Because as all of us vintage/antique lovers have probably learned once or twice: you have to buy what you love when you want it because it may not be there the next day. For now I am going to keep it tucked away in a little ONH vault collection I have growing but likely will come to my senses soon in knowing I do not have a place for it and hence, offer it up for sale!




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